What is Freight Chain Finance

The project is an app for descentrilzed finance (DEFI) developed on Ethereum blockchain. It will allow to take loans in the form of cryptocurrencies, and generate a platform for digital assets created by logistic companies operating in South East Asia.

Building a platform for
The future of logistic

FreightChain is a start-up looking to solve issues that have been around the logistic industry for decades. FreightChain offers solutions for other crypto projects as well, that are aimed at logistics. Providing a platform with liquidity in the soon to come DeFi app, with better APY in staking. Cross-chain with BSC will also be considered to avoid Ethereum network's increasingly high fees.

What is Crypto?

Problems & Solutions

Freight Chain Finance is bringing a trillion dollar industry to the digital era. Optimizing operations with scalable solutions across the board, merging it with finance management under a descentralized ecosystem.


In the world of logistics the biggest problem is traceability and state of product. Monitoring the state of commodities within the supply chain is inefficient in lots of cases and impossible in others, mostly because of the system's complexity. Most of the start-ups trying to solve this issues are inefficient and lack liquidity.



With FreightChainFinance a record of the state of the items in the shipping will be issued, no matter where the item is within the chain or who is actually running it.

For example, we could follow the shipping of any item using biometric proof, that will give us all of the information relative to the product, and making it impossible to be alter by outside sources.

The DeFi solution will also provide a platform for other start-ups to use the staking mechanism, helping them build their own platforms over it.


Here is a direct link to download our whitepaper in pdf format.


Our pre sale objective is 500 ETH or 35% of total supply.

  • Public PRE-SALE starts 27 April
  • Acceptable currencies ETH
  • Minimal transaction amount 0.2 ETH
  • Maximum transaction amount 4 ETH
  • Number of tokens for sale 35,000,000 TCFT (35%)


April 2021
Pre sale
April 2021
CEX & DEX listing
May 2021
Mainnet launch
June 2021
Staking launch
CEX listing
July 2021
APP release
Crosschain integration with BSC

Token Distribution


Symbol: TCFT

Initial Value: 1 ETH = 70000 TCFT

Type: ERC20



James Chan
Larry Davenport
CFO & Marketing
Lee J. Chang
Blockchain developer


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